Vivien Duggan About Me

Based near Silverstone in Northamptonshire my jewellery is inspired by the beauty of nature with the woods and lakes where I live reflected in the colour and style of my work.

I have always loved the outdoors spending time in the countryside drawing what I find. My designs are developed from my sketches, each one carefully handcrafted in my workshop.

Graduating with a BA(Hons) in Jewellery in 2009 I work in silver and 18ct gold, Making original handcrafted jewellery with a feel for the countryside. I pierce, hammer and reticulate, adding unusual gemstones and enamels to contrast textures.

Where appropriate my work is stamped with my unique mark registered at the Birmingham Assay Office in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

About Me

I use Plique-à-Jour and Champlevé enamelling in my jewellery.

Plique-à-jour enamelling is where ground enamel is kiln fired at high temperatures across small open spaces. I shape and solder precious metal wires or pierce my designs into sheet and apply ground enamel across the gaps, kiln firing it into place at around 850 degrees.

The enamel contracts as it’s heated so each space needs refilling and re-firing until completely full and smooth. Although time consuming it makes wonderful flashes of colour and a unique jewellery piece.

I also make Champlevé jewellery, soldering my design onto a base which is engraved or patterned and then adding the enamel colour for an extra luscious look.

All my enamel pieces are handmade so each is individual and slightly different to the next.

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